The mountains are what we live for, snowboarding is what we love. Our motivation lies in sharing this love and providing boarders with the experience they crave. Untouched fall lines and deep trees. We understand the differences between how skiers and snowboarders travel in the mountains; the specific challenges and subtle nuances of backcountry snowboarding are what we specialize in, allowing you to progress your techniques in a supportive environment.

Who We Are

What started out as a love for sliding down mountains has lead our team of specialized Mountain Guides to pursue excellence in the art of sharing the beauty and freedom they have found in the rugged Coast Mountains. From our bases in Squamish and Whistler BC, we provide access to the most amazing mountain experiences the West Coast can offer. Our exciting itineraries showcase the Coast Range but reach beyond to the interior ranges of the Selkirkʼs and Purcellʼs and onto the Rockies. We also offer trips internationally from the historic and classic European Alps to the Onsen surrounded Volcanos of Japan.

Corvus is dedicated to facilitating custom trips; letting you do the dreaming, while we take care of the logistics, providing a comfortable place to push yourself while maintaining the highest professional standard, so you know that when we give you the green light to shred your dream line you can drop in with confidence.

Regardless of your skill level and chosen objective; our purpose is to provide you with an opportunity to perfect your techniques and gain knowledge from industry pro’s. Whether it be an AST course designed specifically for backcountry snowboarder’s or a gnarly alpine summit; our goal is to give you room to progress your own skills.

Why Us?

Thank your for considering us for your next mountain adventure.


Corvus was created by snowboarders for snowboarders. We understand the unique challenges and hazards that are faced by split-boarders and recognized a lack of resources so we took it into our own hands, to create a comfortable and safe environment for boarders to progress they’re knowledge and skills. Even though skiers and boarders are all sliding down snow in the same fashion the way we look at terrain and make decisions can be very different. This is where Corvus comes in; whether it be your first time touring or your dream line, let us show you how to get up and most importantly how to get down again.

“Come back alive, come back still friends, go to the summit. In that order.”
Mark Twight

Training & Certification

Our guides are experienced backcountry snowboarders certified and trained through the ACMG/IFMGA ski guide program. From Olympic athletes to Canada’s first female splitboard guide, our guides are the cream of the crop, their love for the mountains is matched only by their love for sharing the experience.

Meet our dream team of split board guides