Warm it up…

This course is designed to teach intro level split-boarders the basics of backcountry travel on a snowboard as well as hazard and terrain assessment. This two day session will teach you the basics of avalanche evaluation and companion rescue. Additionally you will dial in your equipment and absolutely punch your legs as you learn to travel through terrain with the unique perspective of a split-boarder. This weekend will lay the foundations of how to approach a day split-boarding so you can maximize your time in the hills this season.


Whats included

  • 2 days of guiding and instruction, from an ACMG certified boarder

What not included

Lift tickets and Split-board rentals (both available at additional cost)

Pre requisites

  • None!

Why us?

We are Canadas only snowboard specific guiding and backcountry education company. When choosing your next snowboard trip this winter, ask yourself; Does this company/the people involved, love what they do? Do they understand the unique set of challenges of using a snowboard as a mountain travel tool? Does their passion for powder shine through to my experience? Passion is the foundation of our life and our profession. The reason we book and run this specific course is so we can take all of the day-to-day details into our hands and show our guests the best experience possible. We are passionate for backcountry snowboarding in this area, and we want to share it with you.

Upcoming Trip Dates

December 2, 3, 2023
January 13, 14, 2024

Cost $395 + 5% GST