What it is

A women’s specific course, lead by Christine Filecki – One of a dozen Canadians to complete the ACMG apprentice ski guide exam on a snowboard, and the first woman to do so. Just as skiers and boarders each look at the mountains differently, so do woman and men, this course will examine the finer points of getting rad with your ladies.

Whats included

  • 2 days guiding and instruction with the most bad ass female split guide around
  • All technical equipment for being in the big mountain
  • Corvus swag

What not included

Lift tickets, split board rentals (both available)

Pre requisites

  • Previous Snowboarding Experience
  • Strong snowboard ability
  • Positive attitude

Why us?

We are honoured to have Christine Felecki running this show. As the first female to pass ACMG apprentice ski guide exam on a snowboard, there is simply no higher qualified individual for the job in Canada. Her technical knowledge coupled with an infectious positive attitude and her love for the game make this the premier product for woman interested in split-boarding.

Add Ons

Heli Assisted Ski Touring Day

The Pemberton heli pad is in close proximity. We have the opportunity to bring in a helicopter should we need a jump start on our ski touring day. Taking a heli drop (or sometimes multiple drops), into the farther reaches of the tenure gives us the opportunity to ski seldomly visited areas.

Upcoming Trip Dates

February 4, 5
March 19, 20

Cost $310 + 5% GST